Can CBD Oil Gummies Be Used For Pain And Anxiety?

With more than 28 states in the US having legalized marijuana, there is no wonder that many people are now open to alternative and more natural ways to heal our minds and bodies. While some are still uncertain, today’s generation has opened different discoveries and beliefs, and are even reverting back to ancient studies and medicine to restore our health – and this includes the use of CBD oil.

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is derived from cannabis – or marijuana. Studies have claimed that despite the properties coming from cannabis, they’ve mentioned that CBD doesn’t create or give users that “high” effect which is often associated with the plant. As mentioned earlier, despite the controversy, there is a large percentage of individuals who are willing just to try about anything and would prefer to use natural healing methods, especially when it comes to pain and anxiety.

Question: Can CBD Oil Gummies Be Used For Pain And Anxiety?

Studies have shown that Cannabidiol oil gummies have many different benefits, which includes pain and anxiety management. One study has been conducted on people with social anxiety – and with a dose of 600mg of CBD, these people who used to loathe speaking in front of people, were able to give a speech.

Some other benefits of CBD gummies to help manage anxiety may include but are not limited to:

CBD oil can help you stay relaxed, thus can reduce stress.
Anxiety can cause other physiological activities, such as increased heart rate. The use of this oil is known to help reduce these effects.
For those people who are experiencing PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, it has been said that this oil can also improve the symptoms, thus, making recovery easier.
Anxiety may be caused by different factors, but many anxious people usually have difficulties sleeping. CBD is said to help induce sleep, even to those people who are experiencing insomnia.

Pain Management

On the other hand, if CBD oil is used to help with anxiety disorders, the same thing goes with pain management. CBD oil can trigger our body’s brain receptors that’s responsible for the pain that we are experiencing. More studies are still to be conducted, but so far, pre-clinical studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health believe that cannabis oil can relieve pain symptoms which are caused by:

  • chronic pain
  • arthritis pain
  • pain caused by multiple sclerosis
  • spinal cord injuries
  • muscle pain, and many others.

Some drugs which are administered legally in the Canada and United Kingdom contain TCH and CBD – which is known to help treat pain related to Multiple Sclerosis. This is a simple proof that CBD oil works. Other researchers believed that CBD oil is more responsible for reducing inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties, rather than helping with the pain.

If inflammation is addressed, pain caused with inflammation will go away. Up to date, there are many other success stories showing how this oil can work wonders and how it can be used to help address pain, but bear in mind that more clinical studies and researches are still to be conducted to support their claims for pain management.

Where Can you Get CBD Oil?

Is it legal? In all states in the US, it is, as long as there is zero THC. For those states that have legalised the use of CBD oil, users who need this oil for medical purposes may have to acquire special licensing before they can use and buy this oil. Check your local governing body to see whether CBD oil can be used in your state, and to find out how you can obtain one.

Legal Hemp Derived CBD Accessible in All 50 States
Legal Hemp Derived CBD Accessible in All 50 States